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I would give both tickets to my parents. They need a second honeymoon.
16th-Jan-2007 12:16 am - Old Blog
I found an old private blog of mine that I did when I was in Sec4. I did it prose-form.

11:55am, still in Geography

"Are you doing titration at the back?" Mrs Lam asked Boon Peng. Heads turned behind curiously to look at the boy.

"How do you know it was titration?" a voice put in.

"I was a student once, my dear," the teacher replied dryly. "Although I received poor grades for my Sciences."

"No wonder you teach Humanities instead of Science," the student answered back in amusement.

"I only had C6 for my Physics," Mrs Lam told us. She was greeted with envious pairs of eyes. One of my classmates started to clap.

"At least you passed it," he pointed out. "We only had 3 passes in our class."

9:40am, English lessons

I scanned through the essay Mr Mok had given to us and looked up curiously. What did he want us to do with these "model" essays?

Mr Mok explained to us the phrases which he thought were difficult. He asked the class, "... What are premontions? When do you get them?"

"When you're a Charmed One," I muttered under my breath to Siying.

And I made a new blog but that's private. Sooooo ANGELUS toots can ask from me. xD
15th-Jan-2007 11:17 pm(no subject)
I strongly dislike musicians who claim they hate their own albums. Especially debut albums. It makes me, as a fan, lose respect for them.
9th-Jan-2007 12:02 am - very dang sick
I feel super sick. Coughing is seriously tiring. I had to bend over and cough and each time I do it, my stomach clenches and unclenches. Up to the point I do it so much that it feels like I did 100 situps. IT HURTS. Not to mention my throat. God. I coughed till I choked and I GAGGED. More than three times.

This is so damn unlucky. My presentation is in TWO days. Tomorrow is a long day and I have to skip FOUR classes to see a doctor. But what to do? My cough is so bad that I cannot finish my sentences. *Bleeeeeeeep* sia.
11th-Dec-2006 12:42 am(no subject)
I'm crying again.

My brain is clouded with so many things that I can't finish writing my script.
7th-Dec-2006 12:30 am(no subject)
I hate dislikeloathe how everyone has an opinion about how I should run DiamanteGirl.net even though I didn't ask for their views.
2nd-Dec-2006 10:18 pm - NONFIC + DRAMAPRO
Here are some scrumptious pictures from our NONFICTION Uniquely Singapore shoot (at Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice) and our DRAMAPRO Project #1, Day 1 at um...... some Bukit Batok place. xD

NONFICTION picsCollapse )
DRAMAPRO Day 1 picsCollapse )
28th-Nov-2006 09:27 pm - Breakdown
Picture this:

Four aunties and a cousin in the living room. I enter the house at like 8+pm. I'm hungry and exhausted and just received a ridiculous bill. So I was going to the kitchen with my clothes to shower, hung my clothes, took out my glasses to put on the kitchen table when for no reason, tears just flow from my eyes and ruined my eyeliner. For 40 SECONDS, I just stood there and cried while my parents were cleaning up the kitchen after cooking dinner. I didn't want to worry them, so I went to the bathroom and THEN I CRIED SOMEMORE.

The stress is getting to me. I can't wait for this semester to be over.
22nd-Nov-2006 08:16 pm - tres random things
Sometimes I wonder if the music directors are trying to be ironic or they really don't care.

CURRENT SONG: Mad World by Michael Andrews
NEXT SONG: Wonderful World by James Morrison

From 98.7FM

Anyway. For those who went to lightamillioncandles.com, we've reached a million!

And I saw the article. It's not on Lime; it's on Hyper, a NP Publication that was slotted into the Lime mag as well. I don't really have problems with this, but I do wish they had been more clear. The stuff I already filled on my IAP survey! Long story.

P.S. ugh at the photo.
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